January 2017

Our School participated in The National French Spell Bee Competition 2016 . 39 students from classes 6th to 10th of our School participated in the National French Spell bee competition. Samriddhi Gupta of Class VI B Secured the 2nd position ans a Silver Medal. Rohit Mudgil

An interhouse skit competition was held each house was a given for Classes  IVth to VIth  a topic and the students enacted  a drama on it. The students worked hard and gave a wonderful presentation.

Training young minds to imbibe learning values and becoming academically sound brings with it immense number of challenges-so it has not been too easy to work to fulfil my desire. The Hope Hall platform has eased my job by helping me to attain my goal

It is an enriching experience for me to teach in Hope Hall Foundation School, I have learnt many things, both professionally and personally. It has played a key role in my growth and evolution as an individual. Teaching profession has proved itself to be a

First of all I am very thankful to you for providing my daughter opportunity to groom herself.  I do appreciate the fact that too without from time to time and that too without waiting for P. T.M giving platform to small bids to explore their