Nursery School – Pre-Primary Wing

Hope Hall Foundation School

Nursery School – Philosophy

“There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children: one of these is roots, the other wings.”

Hodding Carter

Nursery School is the Kindergarten wing of Hope Hall Foundation School and currently has facilities to accommodate Nursery and Kindergarten classes. Our highly experienced teachers, our state-of-the-art building and our innovative teaching methods are critical in developing curiosity and creativity among the young generation.

Our little Princes and Princesses love to be in the Nursery School – their own kingdom and enjoy their childhood in a harmonious and caring environment while they learn, grow and glow.

Hope Hall Foundation School

Salient Features

  • Child Centred Education
  • Learning by Doing
  • Play Way Method of Teaching
  • Value and Theme based learning
  • Child Sized Classrooms
  • Enriching Library
  • Brainstorming Computer Zone
  • Colourful Art/Activity Room
  • Enthralling TV/AV Room
  • Fun Filled Toy Room
  • Educational Puzzles
  • Outdoor Games
  • Regular Visits & Excursions
  • Birthday Celebrations
  • Festival Celebrations
  • Inter Class Competitions
  • Music & Dance Classes

“A school should not be a prepation of life. A school should be a life.”

Elbert Hubbar

Hope Hall Foundation School

The pre-school age is the most impressionable age in one’s life. The rate of body growth and mind development is rapid and whatever is learnt in this tender age gets deeply embedded in a child’s mind.

We, at HHFS Pre-Primary Wing focus on child’s inquisitive mind and render personalized care to him/her to explore, understand and learn the different aspects of life so that he/she is able to cope with the ever growing challenges of life without any stress.

HHFS Pre-Primary Wing aims at fostering a sense of competence, self-confidence, social emotional, spiritual and physical well being in each student.


Kidz Kingdom accepts admissions into Nursery and K.G.Classes. A child should be 3+ years as on 31st March of the current year for admission to Nursery Class. The admission process starts in late October, early November every year. Admission can be granted mid-session at the sole discretion of the head-mistress.

For more details on Admission,Click here

Methodology of Teaching

Various techniques of teaching different areas/subjects are employed to bring about an “ALL ROUND DEVELOPMENT” in an individual.

Theme Based Teaching

Brings about the sense of co-ordination and integration
to learn different areas.

Learning by Doing

Class room turned into real life -situations to develop psychomotor skills.

Play Way Teaching 

Makes education for pre-primers a pleasurable experience
and ensures more retention.

Learning by Seeing & hearing

Audio-visual aids help to tap their sense organs.

Value Based Education

Grooms the tiny tots to become good human beings with
high values and morals.

Practical knowledge

Hands on experience through touch and feel to develop
scientific attitude.

Computer Aided Learning

Exposes the young generation to technological world.

Activity Based Teaching

Develops cognitive skills and sense of involvement.