At Hope Hall Foundation School we are committed to the concept of ‘learning by doing’ which is evident in our Approach. We believe learning is not a mere delivery of knowledge. It is rather a real life experience where rote – learning is replaced by a complete hands-on experience including field experiences and project work, making the process engaging and enduring for the students.

Teachers and students together build and apply knowledge so that no one is left out in this pursuit. Such a process imbibes the sense of working in Collaboration amongst all and hence cultivates qualities such as Unity, Team Work and brings out Leadership qualities in our students.

Independent Citizenship
We prepare students to attain independence of thought and action. In order to embark on the journey of life as independent citizens, training is imparted not only to enable students to use their intellectual faculties but also to strengthen the will that is imbued in them.

Holistic growth
Educating at Hope Hall enables the students to develop an adoration for the rich heritage of the past, veneration for the old or downtrodden, compassion for fellow-beings and the ability to master the complexities of the modern world.

Value based Education
Hope Hall Foundation School strives to impart quality Value based Education. Value based education helps to provide a road map to guide children along a route to live a life based on moral principles. These are important both in the individual as well as collective context. At Hope Hall, the focus is on ensuring that every student becomes a well rounded, responsible, caring and compassionate individual.