HHFS Voices

HHFS Voices

Mr. Bhagat Singh | Hope Hall Foundation School

Having worked here for over fifteen years I have discovered myself as a teacher, mentor and administrator, Yes! I have played a variety of roles at Hope Hall – the corridors of this precious institution have lent me the strength and potential to gratify my skills. The students and faculty members have showered upon me affection and tremendous respect and that makes Hope Hall a special place for me and every Hope Hallian very precious to me.

– MR. Bhagat Singh, Principal

Mrs. Anita Narula | Hope Hall Foundation School

I am lucky to be a part of Hope Hall Foundation School Family that has its own deep – rooted educational philosophy, which is not only academics but education that relates to real life. HHFS strongly believes that anything that is built on the foundation of love, truth and strong values will always stand the test of time.

– Mrs. Anita Narula, HOD Social Science

MrS. Rajbala | Hope Hall Foundation School

HHFS places a great deal of emphasis on the development of minds of its students in a manner that helps them grow into personalities of distinction with self esteem. Its infrastructure, in-depth curriculum and skilled faculty have helped each and every child realise his/her true potential and move ahead towards perfection. Through my rich and long association in the past, I have experienced that here education is not merely imparting facts, but leading every student in his/her chosen path individually. HHFS encourages and motivates the students to set up and pursue their own goals with the teachers’ guidance. With the changing face of modern education in HHFS, I am confident in the coming years, teachers will use more technology than chalks in the classrooms.

– Mrs. Ritu Sharma,Primary Teacher

Mrs. Sutapa Dey | Hope Hall Foundation School

The congenial atmosphere, the freedom to work in my own way and most of all, the bunch of cheerful, inquisitive and friendly students have always lured me into the powerful corridors of HHFS–many years have passed and yet my desire to continue on this platform has not waned.

– Mrs. Sutapa Dey, Head of English Department


It is an enriching experience for me to teach in Hope Hall Foundation School, I have learnt many things, both professionally and personally. It has played a key role in my growth and evolution as an individual. Teaching profession has proved itself to be a source of personal satisfaction and fulfillment for me.  It gives me both joy and pleasure to know students closely and watch them grow into better, yet different human beings. Hope Hall has not only provided me a platform to showcase my talents and creativity but also recognized my untapped potential and helped me to work to the best of my capabilities. My seniors and colleagues have always been extraordinarily cordial and acted as a guiding force in my entire teaching journey of 20 years in this school. I am highly indebted to Hope Hall Foundation school which has contributed so much in my life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                 By Mrs. Trehan.


Training young minds to imbibe learning values and becoming academically sound brings with it immense number of challenges-so it has not been too easy to work to fulfil my desire. The Hope Hall platform has eased my job by helping me to attain my goal by providing guidance from seniors and authorities from time to time. In this long journey of my twenty  oddyears I have  enjoyed each day with  innocent smiles, giggles and inquisitive eyes completely  devoted to my care. And what I realise is that in the course of helping my students to discover their innate potential and polish them ,I too have discovered myself in various ways. Working here would always .be a great pleasure

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Preeti Nautiyal