House of the Year

House of the Year

There are a total of 4 Houses namely Srishti, Prithvi, Vasudha and Vishwa.

All the students of the school are a part of one of these houses. Inter House competitions are played between these Houses.

The “House of the Year” is a competition which judges a House overall on the basis of their performance in Inter House Sports Competitions as well as Inter House Co-Curricular competitions. Various competitions are conducted throughout the year for the Sub Junior (Classes IV – VI), Junior (Classes VII – IX) and Senior (Classes X – XII). Best candidates are selected by the respective House Mistresses to represent them in any respective competition.

The purpose of this competition is to inculcate a Team Spirit amongst the children. The camaraderie on display in such competitions is exemplary and brings out the best in a Child. Every competition is watched by the entire school and they Cheer and Pep-Up their fellow participating housemates.

The Winning House or the “House of the Year” is awarded with a Prestigious Trophy and the school organizes a Get Together cum celebration for them where they can celebrate this grand achievement.

For the session 2018-19, the Standings as on 10.04.2019 is as mentioned below:-

S. No.EventCategoryDateVishwaVasudhaPrithviShrishti
Grand Total81510901045840
1Bulletin Board DisplayI TERM20/04/201820301010
2Quiz G.KJunior20/04/20181052030
3Hindi RecitationSub Junior20/04/201820203010
4English DebateSenior27/04/201810201030
5Cartoon DrawingSub Junior27/04/201820203010
6Races -Finals The Beginners27/04/201830102020
7Quiz -GKSenior04/05/201810203020
8Skit (English)Junior04/05/201805203010
9English DebateSub Junior04/05/201810302020
10Health & NutritionThe Beginners04/05/201830302020
11Power point presentationSenior20/07/201810302020
12Science Experiment DemonstrationJunior- Sub Junior20/07/201805302010
13Painting (Green week)Sub-Junior20/07/201820302010
14Drawing & colouringThe Beginners20.07.201820301005
15News Reading Senior27.07.201810200530
16Quiz -G.K.Sub Junior27.07.201830051020
17Mask makingJunior27.07.201805201030
18Book Mark MakingThe Beginners27.07.201820100530
19Character EnactmentSenior & Junior03.08.201820301020
20Fancy dressSub-Junior03.08.201820302020
21Rakhi MakingThe Beginners03.08.201810302020
22Fire-Less Cooking Junior24.08.201830203010
23Story telling-HindiSub Junior24.08.201810302030
24I love Colours- PresentationThe Beginners24.08.201830202020
25Group DanceJunior31.08.201805301020
26Weave a Poem-HindiSub-Junior31.08.201810302010
27Rhyme & RhythmThe Beginners31.08.201805302020
28Rangoli ArtSenior05.10.201810103020
29Hindi SpeechJunior05.10.201810102030
30Chitra Varnan- AnimalsSub-Junior and The Beginners05.10.201805102030
31Mehndi ArtSenior26.10.201820203010
32Advertisement DesigningJunior & Sub Junior26.10.201805302010
33Solo Dance Sub-Junior26.10.201830103020
34OrigamiThe Beginners26.10.201820303010
35Skit (English)Junior16.11.201830051020
36Story telling (English) Sub-Junior and The Beginners16.11.201840606050
37Sanskrit Shloka Recitation nd Presentation- FrenchSenior & Junior30.11.201820053010
38Thumb PaintingSub-Junior and The Beginners30.11.201820505010
39Quill ArtSenior07.12.201810203010
40Bouquet MakingJunior & Sub Junior07.12.201835306030
41Recitation (Hindi)The Beginners07.12.201830302020
42Debate (Hindi)Junior & Sub Junior14.12.201830505020
43Fire-less cookingThe Beginners14.12.201820300510
44Group SongJunior & Sub Junior28.12.201825405015
45Card makingThe Beginners28.12.201830201010