Campus & Facilities

Campus & Facilities

The school’s Campus & Facilities are warm and spacious areas with vivid and bright colours to compliment the high energy of the students here.


The classrooms of the school are very spacious and airy. The classrooms have big windows on both sides of the room which enables Cross Ventilation, thereby keeping the students comfortable. The roof and walls are insulated in such a way that keeps the building cool in the Summers and Warm in the winters. For classes I – X, all classrooms are equipped with State of the art Interactive Smart Classes. Classrooms for our Classes XI and XII are air conditioned.

Sports Infrastructure

Currently, the school grounds have sports facilities for Basketball, Volleyball, Soccer and Cricket. There is an indoor complex for Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess and other indoor sports. Other critical sports like Archery, Shooting, Tennis, Badminton etc. are in the making.


The school building circumferences a lush green central lawn. This provides a unique platform for members of Eco-Clubs to carry out their activities of promoting and preserving greenery. The School draws its power from a Rooftop Solar Power Plant implemented on the roof of the Building. Also, Ground Water harvesting and Roof Water harvesting has been implemented in school.

The old adage “Nature is the best teacher” quite befits our school campus.


Modern and well-equipped laboratories are present for each of the Sciences, for Mathematics, for the Languages and for Social Science. In addition, the school has Two computer laboratories, one each for the Junior and Senior students. The school also boasts of State of the art English Labs which help students improve their Written and Spoken English.

Activity Rooms

The Art Room has a colourful and vibrant get-up which inspires the students to brush, dab, conceptualize and create. The school also has a handicrafts room, used for training in needle-craft, bead-work and dyeing. A Dance Room, used as a venue for training in traditional dances under a professional teacher. A Music Room, used to coach students in vocal and instrumental music. And a Yoga Room, where students are taught to meditate, relax and rejuvenate.


Well-stocked with reference books, encyclopedia, journals, fiction and non-fiction titles and subject-wise textbooks is also available for the students. There are three separate Libraries respectively for Senior, Junior and Pre-School students. Each Library has been stocked with book relevant to the age group it caters to.

Audio Visual Room

A fully-equipped air-conditioned Audio-visual room to facilitate organization of various seminars, workshops, conferences etc. for the students, teachers and the parents.


An Infirmary under the supervision of a trained nurse, caters to emergency medical needs that arise in the school. The school also has a doctor on call.

Counseling Cell

The school has a well-established Counselling Cell which supports development of students in a healthy, friendly and empathetic environment. The school has a well- trained and experienced Counselor who looks after academic, behavioral, emotional or even school related problems among the children. Though, most of the students are able to overcome their problems that arise out of today’s very competitive, fast-paced and stressful environment with the help of their compassionate and friendly teachers yet there are some who need special attention to help themselves cope with specific situations. The aim of the cell is to enable every student to explore his potential, introspect and flower it into the most captivating bloom.


The entire school is connected on LAN (Local Area Network) thereby enabling digitisation of the school. A high speed Leased Line Internet connection supports this infrastructure.


The school is closely monitored by CCTV cameras. Cameras have been placed throughout the school including its periphery to avoid any mishap and to maintain strict discipline. The boundary walls have been reinforced with barbed wires and sensors.